Will Your Un-Registered Phones Stop Working?| MDMS


MDMS(Mobile Device Management System) has been a serious project of the Nepal telecommunication authority. A question is running on many heads “Will your un-registered Phones stop working?”

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Here we will be clearing your confusion but follow us till the end.

Firstly, to be honest we must admit that there are a lot of grey phones in Nepal. We have received tons of phones from our relatives, friends, and other loved ones who live abroad. There is a huge number of grey phones currently being used in Nepal.

Open borders are also something that has helped a lot of people to smuggle phones at a cheap price.

But now it seems like the government is all set with a strong plan regarding MDMS and has said to implement it from Shrawan 2078.

Will Your Un-Registered Phones Stop Working?| MDMS

Check your Device is register or not: https://eir.nta.gov.np/know-your-device

Register Your unregister Device: https://eir.nta.gov.np/login

Wrapping up, we would like to make you understand that the phone which is in your hands will work if a sim card is already inserted in it. But the phones which you will be buying out of Nepal from Shrawan 2078 will not directly get activated as before but after you clear the VAT and taxes they can easily be registered.

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