Windows 11 Release Date and Leaks

Windows 11 Release Date and Leaks
Windows 11 Release Date and Leaks

All of a sudden Windows 11 Release Date and leaks have been the topic of the town to many extents. The enthusiastic vivid audience groups have been seeing the new leaks every single day with genuine curiosity.

We have collected some leaks from the officials which are going to blow up your heads with the massive changes.

1. Redesigned start menu & iconic taskbar

If we look at the leaks from officials we can see the changes on windows 11. The new update really comes with a refreshed UI with Redesigned start menu & iconic taskbar which somewhat resembles macOS.

2. Easy multi-app feature with some gesture

A new Windows 11 upgrade comes with a feature that allows snapping an application window with just a maximize button. It’s not a new thing though because even Windows 10 has already come up with this feature but with windows 11 we can expect a very refined version of this feature.

  • Windows 11 Release Date and Leaks
  • Windows 11 Release Date and Leaks

3. Simple & handy UI

User Interface or UI is something people have been passionate about these days. The more simple and convenient UI the much-beloved product gets with its audience. Seems like windows 11 refreshing with the much livelier icons & menus which appear to have slightly rounded edges. The app transitions and animations appear to be seamless, delivering a better experience for users. The setup experience has also been simplified which gives a better feeling to users.

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Windows 11 Release Date

At Microsoft Build 2021, the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella informed that he has been using the “next generation of Windows” for several months during his keynote speech. There is a Microsoft event scheduled on June 24 at 11 AM ET and 08:30 PM IST as per as we have seen till now. As stated earlier, the event is titled “What’s next for Windows” which is not very clear but we can expect the launch as per the hint they have given.

Good News: The Windows 11 upgrade would be free for Windows 10 users for a smooth transition. However, if a user is currently using Windows 8, updating to Windows 8.1 would make them eligible for Windows 11 free update.

We have mentioned all the leaks and launch dates as per the hint given by the officials. This information may not be 100% correct though. So, we humbly request everyone to take this info with a pinch of salt.

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