WordPress Pokhara – React with WordPress Workshop Series II

WordPress Pokhara React II

WORDPRESS POKHARA after the grand success of react with WORDPRESS series 1 have moved ahead towards organizing 2nd series of the workshop.

The particular workshop is scheduled to be on 1st August; Saturday from 9 AM to 10:30 AM.  The webinar will be on google meet and will be headed by the Rakesh Lawaju who is also the co-founder of CTO WEN solutions. With the main theme of “React with WordPress” they have ensured to cover everything related to implementing react in WordPress.

If you missed the first workshop, make sure to watch and follow the instructions as per this video tutorial :

 They will be covering various topics from creating a simple plugin to implementing react on its components, data modules and many more. They will also be teaching about getting started with react on WordPress plugin as well as plugin setup and basic ES6 concept.

As per them further they will be discussing about setup CONFIG files for react and sass including the WORDPRESS React components as well as the data module using hooks, API and ajax. They will be concluding the session wrapping out everything about the useful NPM packages.

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As it’s the 2nd series so you should note the fact that many things which were covered on previous session will not be repeated again. So, make sure to have the basic understanding of the React, Webpack, Redux and Gutenberg blocks.

If you were seeking for something that will take you to a bit advanced form of WordPress tour, then this webinar is a golden opportunity for you. So, if you have a deep interest towards it you can Register at: https://forms.gle/oELVDXyz4osbaGXu8

WordPress Pokhara page : https://www.facebook.com/WordPressPokhara/

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