Worldlink has brought the PUBG Server to Nepal

Worldlink has brought the PUBG Server to Nepal

For the last couple of years, the craze for gaming has been increased rapidly among us. PUBG is something that has carried a huge mass interest within it. Here we have Good News for PUBG lovers. 

Worldlink has brought the PUBG server to Nepal in collaboration with Tencent. The company states that the process of development of the server is in a beta phase now and will help for smooth usage when it finally starts to roll out officially.

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Till now we have got to see that, our largest isp, Worldlink has partnered with Tencent and PUBG to bring two CDN servers to Nepal. They have already passed 2 servers in the initial tests by them and according to them, they are planning to add 8 more CDN servers in Nepal soon.

Making you understand CDN server, it is a content delivery network which aims to provide the peak performance or we can say a  content distribution network which is distributed geographically to the network of proxy servers and their data centers.

Worldlink has brought the PUBG Server to Nepal

Worldlink time and again is blamed for weak internet service providers. But we hope this time Worldlink provides a strong server and a connection as many people have giant expectations from this step by Worldlink & the squad of PUBG lovers has been increasing rapidly in our country.

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