WorldLink’s 5G Gold Plans: The Fastest Just Got Faster


We have always been looking for the experience of the fastest internet which can perform each task as soon as we click on it. Believe me, the loading seconds of internet browsing is the most irritating one within the entire usage period.

So, if you seeking something not to crawl but run smoothly, then Worldlink Communication has a plan for you. WorldLink’s 5G Gold Plans: The Fastest Just Got Faster ensures you the best quality of seamless internet service.

 The best part is the entire offer provides a very good budget scale which sharpens your interest towards the plan.

WorldLink's 5G Gold Plans : The Fastest Just Got Faster

30 Mbps for a month with a TV cost RS. 1,550 whereas the same connection for 3 months’ costs RS. 4,500 and the 12 months for the same package will cost you only RS. 15,000.

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If you want to go a bit far towards 40 Mbps the one-month package with 2 TVs costs you RS. 1,850 whereas the 3 months with the same offer costs you RS. 5,450 and the 12 months’ package with the same offering will cost you RS. 17,500.

Seeking for the fastest one? yeah it had a great speed one too which is of 60 Mbps and is supportive with 3 TVs which 1-month package starts from RS. 2,200 whereas 3 months’ package will cost you RS. 6,450 and the annual one will cost you RS. 22,000.

Worrying about setup charges? Calm down, it’s very cheap. For the existing customers the 5G router rental is only RS. 3000 but if you want a new connection then 30 Mbps router rental will be RS. 5,500 whereas the cost 40 Mbps ad 60 Mbps will cost you only RS. 4,500.

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                 All the following package provides free NET standard, safe net, Time back and WIFI mobility for free of cost. Isn’t it a great deal after all? So if you want a lag free internet experience then these plan are a golden opportunity for you. Hurry up because the offer is only for a limited time. So set out the order as per as your per as your preferable plan right now.

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