YouTube Shorts another tiktok clone?


YouTube has announced that it will be testing out a beta version of app called YouTube Shorts which can be considered as a new TikTok rival in India. As per YouTube; YouTube Shorts will limit videos to 15 seconds, and the platform will be featuring something like creator tools and after all their statement regarding features a question is serious strike on head. Is YouTube Shorts; another tiktok clone? After, all it shows the algorithm alike the TikTok app.

Though TikTok India had biggest market with an estimated 120 million users after china. Everything scattered after the ban of the particular app. But it seems like YouTube have come up with a masterplan to fill up the voice sharping themselves with the well coated ideas and updates than its competitors.

If we check out closely the rush of YouTube to target a vivid mass of TikTok user, it seems like in a hurry they are trying to clone the TikTok itself with a well-built security system so that Indian government would not put their legs as on the TikTok on future.